International Distinguished Scholars believes in rewarding its members for their academic, service and leadership excellence. To do so, scholarships are granted to qualified achievers who have demonstrated a high commitment to the standards set by the Society’s constituents.

All scholarships are funded by membership dues and are only available to current members of International Distinguished Scholars. Membership dues are used to award scholarships, and as such, are subject to change every year. The total number and amount of scholarships are based upon the funds available to the Society at the end of each calendar year, and as such the amount and numbers of scholarships varies each year. As more members join, more scholarships are available.

Scholarships are granted to high school, undergraduate and graduate students alike, and will be awarded at the beginning of each calendar year. Evaluation is based upon numerous factors, including: academic honors and recognition, current GPA, civil service, leadership experiences and any accomplishments pertinent to the Society.

2018 Scholarships

Click here for the Scholarship Application

Key Dates:

  • Application Closes: December 15th, 2018
  • Notification Date: January 25th, 2019


  • $1,500 scholarships (expected in each category)
  • $500 scholarships (expected in each category)


  • Arts
  • Medicine
  • Business
  • Science
  • Education
  • Civic Responsibility
  • Leadership
  • “Esse Quam Videri” –to be, rather than to seem


All students who have submitted a Scholarship Application between December 16th, 2017 and December 15th, 2018 are eligible for 2018 scholarships.

Studell select the specific scholarship they are applying for by selecting it on the Scholarship Application. The application can be found here, and must be returned to us before December 15th, 2018. Any applications received after this date will not be considered.

All students considered for scholarships must be IDS members in good standing. Students must be enrolled or planning on enrolling in an undergraduate or graduate program in an accredited institution.

Scholarship recipients are selected on the basis of:

  • Academic achievement relative to specific category
  • Work experience relative to specific category
  • Community service
  • Personal statement of goals and aspirations
  • Letters of recommendations
  • IDS ambassadorship

Please Note:

Essay responses may be used by IDS for varying purposes.

All checks will be disbursed directly to the school.

If selected, necessary information must be received by IDS within four weeks of notification date or scholarship will be forfeited.

IDS reserves the right to change any aspect of the scholarships at any time with or without notice.

Scholarship Guidelines:

The deadline for scholarships for a particular year is December 15th of that year. Scholarships will be awarded in January of the following year. (i.e., 2009 scholarships are awarded in January 2010)

Scholarship programs are available in the arts, medicine, business, science, education, engineering, service, and leadership.

There is no limit on how many times a student can be considered for scholarships, so we encourage students to apply every year.

Scholarship amounts change yearly and range from $500 to $1,500. The total funds available for scholarships will be determined by the Executive Committee and will be distributed in January of each year. Awards are merit based, not need based.

Scholarships are only available to Society members. Non-members and applicants who have not paid their membership fee are not eligible to receive scholarships.

Applicants are not guaranteed a scholarship, as scholarship amounts vary each year depending on the number of new members who join for a particular year, and the selection process is highly competitive. The Society awards scholarships to a select group of highly qualified individuals.