Benefits of being an International Distinguished Scholar:


IDS believes in rewarding its members for their academic, service and leadership excellence. To do so, scholarships are granted to qualified achievers who have demonstrated a high commitment to the standards set by the Society’s constituents.

Academic Recognition

If admitted into IDS, you will receive recognition for academic excellence by one of the world’s most respected Scholars’ Honor Societies. Membership serves as a testament to academic performance and is therefore respected by school admission committees and employers alike.

Résumé Review

IDS members have the opportunity to utilize our Résumé Review Service at no cost. One of our professional résumé writers will assist members in creating and editing a first-rate professional résumé. This is a lifetime benefit that assists members and alumni with creating an effective, professional résumé.

Résumé Building

Members have the privilege of listing IDS membership on college applications, résumés, professional credentials and curriculum vitae. Having an honor society listed on your résumé provides a tangible sign of your academic success.


IDS proudly partners with educational and career organizations, as well as corporations that provide resources, assistance, and programs to our members. These partnerships are a key member benefit that provides access to a wealth of information, discounts and opportunities.


Membership in IDS provides members with over $2,000 worth of discounts on various programs, services, products and opportunities offered by our partners. IDS members and their families are all entitled to these exclusive savings.

School Resources

IDS prides itself in providing benefits that will offer members and their families the resources they need to successfully prepare and assist students in their academic endeavors.

Career Resources

IDS firmly believes that its members should have access to the best career resources available. With this in mind, IDS has formed partnerships with elite career advisors, counselors, internship providers and other resources in order to successfully prepare and assist members in their careers.