Scholarships for Women

Scholarship is a term used to describe a financial aid for students who want to upgrade their knowledge and continue with their education. There are many different types of scholarships – merit-based, need-based, career-specific and some of them are student specific. The last type of scholarship is based on the applicants’ race, religion, family, gender or some other student-specific related factors. Although the process of emancipation of women is more or less finished in developed countries there are still some fields in which women have difficulties to progress. That’s why there specially designed scholarships for women. The following is a list of available scholarships, internships and award opportunities for women that want to take a chance to upgrade their field of expertise. Keep in mind that the application for these scholarships is time-limited.

Delayed Education Scholarship for Women

This scholarship is available to every college sophomore through college senior. This program is targeting mature female undergraduate students whose undergraduate studies have been delayed for any reason. In order to apply for this scholarship you must be majoring a nuclear-related field and the applicants who are majoring in nuclear engineering or nuclear science will have advantage. The deadline for submissions is February 1st 2015.

Judith Resnik Memorial Scholarship

This memorial scholarship in honor of Judith Resnik is open to any female sophomore to college senior students majoring in aerospace engineering and astronautical engineering. Only those who are accepted into a program accredited by ABET are eligible for this award. The award is worth $3000 and the application is available until February 16th 2015.

STEM Scholarship for Women

This scholarship is intended for female graduate or undergraduate students majoring in STEM field. Unlike the scholarships we have mentioned before this scholarship requires few criteria that need to be met. The applicants must be US citizens, they need to be ranked within the top 30 percent of the class they’ve attended, they need to have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and have the minimum following standardized test scores if they want to apply for this award – Composition/Reading of 500, ACT-Math of 29, SAT-Math of 600 and English of 25. The deadline for submissions is April 15th 2015 and the award is $2000.

Women’s Environmental Council Scholarship

This is another interesting scholarship for females who want to pursue a career in the environmental field. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required in order to apply for this scholarship. Women majoring in many different fields of study are eligible for this scholarship and some of them include – chemistry, architecture, ecology, engineering, geology etc. This scholarship is geographically limited and only female graduate and undergraduate students who are attending classes in Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange counties in California can apply. The deadline is set to February 1st 2015.

Lifetime Adoption Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship is exclusive for birth mothers who have placed a child for adoption, but only after 1990. An evidence for the adoption is required. There is no deadline for this scholarship.