How to Write an Internship Cover Letter

A cover letter is a document that you submit along with your curriculum vitae (CV) when applying for a job, but it is also used in academic purposes when applying for scholarship programs if required. There are many different types of cover letters and internship cover letter is definitely different than most of them. The first thing that you will notice in cover letters for certain job position is that all applicants are trying to point out their previous experience. This is something that you will usually have to skip when it comes to internship cover letters because applying for internship usually means that you don’t have previous experience (you are actually applying to get experience).

The internship cover letter should be focused more on your personality and your desire to learn something more about the field in which you have certain qualifications. That’s why it is good to mention about some of your previous work experience (if you have some) even though that experience is not related to the position you want. This will prove that you are hard-working person always willing to learn more and finish the tasks on time. Now let’s see how exactly you can write a internship cover letter that will make you stand out from the crowd.

First and foremost, you will need to write something more about yourself (an introduction) and clearly state the position for which you are interested in. Write your personal information and write more about your education. Pay special attention to the things you are studying at the moment and try to link these studies with your aspiration to build a career in certain field. Another good idea is to write something about the company where you are applying. Write down the things you’ve learned on the internet or from the media about the company, tell them that you want to be part of some specific sector and try to explain how both you and the company can benefit from this cooperation. It is always good to remind them that they can benefit from your knowledge too.

Although this shouldn’t be the main point of your cover letter, you should definitely write something about your future plans once you graduate and where you want to work (which field). Make sure that the people that will read the letters will understand why and how can this internship help you achieve those goals and help you with the process of career building. As mentioned before, you can showcase your previous work experience or volunteer work, but you should leave this for the end of the letter. This will be a proof that you are determined to use the internship seriously.

In the very end of the letter, you should leave your contact information (cell phone number and email address) and a final sentence in which you state that you hope your application will be accepted because you are eager to upgrade your experience and knowledge through the company’s internship program.