3 Tips for Applying for Scholarships

Receiving a scholarship is a great way to help pay your way through school to better your future. But with scholarships being high in demand and popular with the people, it can be quite the competition just to stand out from the crowd. There are three pointers to help you pay your way to get the education you want: you should make sure your application is in an organized manner before sending it in, be detailed and descriptive and make sure you read it over to catch any mistakes or errors before clicking that send button. Following those guidelines will get you on the right track to pay your way through college.

  1. Organization is the Key

Having your scholarship come out like one giant cluster of letters with out any breaks in the page and just word after word is going to be hard and maybe even a bit boring to read. If you break up the mass of words and put them into relevant paragraphs and sections, it will be more visually appealing on the viewer’s eyes. It is also important to make sure that everything they are asking for is given to them at one time as neatly as can be. You would not want to miss your opportunity of applying for free money.

  1. Be Specific

It can be easy to make any application broad and generic but with an application for a grant, you should be detailed and clear to get your point across to the person reviewing them. You want to make sure you are thorough to show what type of person you come off as, sometimes they are looking for that one specific type of person that they know will do great things with a college education. If they can tell what type of person you are just by reading your application you are already standing out from the rest of the crowd. You definitely do not want to just blend in and go with the flow, if you truly want the grant you need to go after it.

  1. Editing

It is not a great idea to send something as important as a grant in to the people with out reading it over a few times. First drafts can be horrible compared to the fourth draft. After you have wrote out your application and felt like you have gotten your point across, read it through and think about how you can make it even better. Who knows, you might even find a mistake or two while reviewing it.

Keeping these three tips in mind while for applying for a grant will help your application stand out just a little more than the others who do not think about revising their applications, having enough detail and being well organized. It is important to think about theses points before sending it in. During the stressful times of figuring out what college you are going to and how you are going to afford it all, keeping up with these tips will help distress you just a tiny bit.

4 of the Strangest Scholarship Opportunities

Believe or not, there is a scholarship out there that rewards your unique talent, unusual skill, or odd passion. Just because you aren’t the typical poindexter, or juiced up jock, doesn’t mean that your scholarship search is hopeless. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of scholarships available for students who may not fit into a typical high school or college mold. There are many very strange scholarships out there, and after reading this article, you’ll be sure there is one out there for you.

  1. Asparagus Club Scholarship

Do you love food? Like most of us humans, I’m sure you do. The Asparagus Club Scholarship is for up and coming food enthusiasts perusing a degree in business, food management, or any other relevant degree related to the grocery industry. If you want to manage your local supermarket, start a creative food business, or make a scientific contribution to the world of food in wholesale and retail this scholarship is definitely for you. All you need is a 2.5 GPA, and be considered a fulltime student, and you’ll be your way to receiving a whopping $2,000 per semester- all because you love food!

  1. Clowns of America International Scholarship

Voted ‘class clown’ in your high school yearbook? Have dreams of one day working in the circus, and making people laugh (or possibly haunting their dreams for years to come)? Than the Clowns of America International Scholarship is for you! If you are serious about clowning, and attending a top-notch clown university just send an in an application describing ‘What the Art of Clowning Means to You’, to clown director of education Jim ‘Soapy’ Dixon, and you may get a chance to attend a free 30 hour clowning workshop. Who knew even clowns had scholarships?!

  1. Colorado Taxidermist Association Scholarship

Enjoy stuffing dead animals and fixing them in cool poses? Professional or hobbyist, it doesn’t matter. As long as you have a passion for taxidermy and want to learn more about it, this scholarship is right up your alley. Maybe that wild mongoose you just mounted just doesn’t look right, or you want to learn new taxidermy techniques, this scholarship will pay for any taxidermy related class you want- 100% paid in full. That’s right, you could get money to learn how to stuff a komodo dragon- if you wanted.

  1. Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest

Here ducky ducky, here ducky ducky. Are you a master of the art of duck calling? Are you still in high school? If you’re answer to both of these questions is yes, then you have an opportunity to use your skill in a contest for scholarship money! During the illustrious 41-year history of the Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest, more than $65,000 in scholarship funds have been awarded to young duck-callers around the country. In order to participate, you will have to travel to Stuttgart, Kansas- but hey, if you really have a passion for deceiving ducks, than it’s worth the mind-numbing drive.

As you can see, there are some arguably weird, and definatley unqiue, scholarship opportunities out there. While this article only briefly covered 4 of them, there are many, many, more scholarships out there that may fit your personal skills or passions. If grocery’s, clowns, taxidermy, or duck-calling, isn’t your thing- don’t fret! You can check out tons of more scholarship opportunities with the IDS Honor Society @ Don’t give up your scholarship hunt, there is a foundation, institution, or community that has scholarship money waiting for you- guaranteed!

4 Tips for Finding the Best Scholarship Opportunities

Finding the best scholarship opportunities for you can seem like a difficult and daunting process, but it really isn’t as scary as it seems. If you are planning on, or just now applying to college, or are looking for a little extra money to help with academic costs, these four tips for finding the best scholarship opportunities are for you.

It’s Not All About GPA

If you aren’t an honors student with a 4.5 GPA, don’t worry! Scholarships are awarded based on lots of different criteria, not just grade point average alone. Scholarships are awarded for community service, athletics, work experience, and even just a great essay stating your personal aspirations. Identify your strong suit, and then begin your scholarship search. You can never make the shots you don’t take!

Beginning The Search

Searching for scholarships without any help can seem overwhelming, and extremely discouraging. Luckily, there are various free sources of information about scholarships, and how to apply for them. Begin your search by talking to the financial aid office at your college, career school, or a high school counselor. The U.S. Department of Labor has a very useful free scholarship search tool that a lot of students don’t know about. There are even entire organizations dedicated to helping students find a scholarship for their particular strength. The IDS Honor Society is one of many of these great organizations.

Other Great Scholarship Sources

While beginning by talking to a high school counselor, or prospective college financial aid office is a good start, there are many organizations that offer scholarships you may not have thought of. If you a member or affiliated with any local business, civic group, or religious organization, they may have scholarships available for you. Cover all your bases, and ask around if any organizations have scholarship opportunities. The International Distinguished Scholars website, is one great place to find academic and niche scholarships- And the application is free!

It’s All About Timing

Every scholarship has a deadline at which the application must be turned in. Identifying these deadlines, and setting goals of completion for yourself will save you a lot of stress. If you are still in high school, the best time to search and apply for scholarships is during the summer between your junior and senior year. If you think its too late, don’t worry! There are still tons of scholarships available, usually year round, that you can apply for.

As you can see, finding the best scholarship opportunity for you, with a few helpful tips, isn’t that difficult. Hopefully this article has reduced your stress by providing some great scholarship sources, and making the search a little bit easier. Of course, you will still have to put in the work and dedication that your particular scholarship requires, but with these four tips finding the best scholarship opportunity should be a lot easier. Good luck with your scholarship search, and don’t give up!

How to Start a Scholarship Essay

An essay can make or break your scholarship chances. This is the part people hate most about applying for different scholarships. Several people would rather spend the times it takes to write one and use it searching for programs that don’t require an essay submission. However, people don’t like to give out money for college to people who aren’t willing to put in the effort to submit an essay. After all, college requires several essays, though out the courses. Included are a few tips on how to start and essay that will draw the reader’s attention.

Be Unique

Whoever is reading your scholarship essay reads hundreds and even thousands of essays just the same as yours. To prevent your essay going straight into the denied pile, you need to stand out in the crowd of submissions. Think about the key themes they asked you to write on and be sure you understand them. If the key theme is leadership, don’t just go on about how you held a position in leadership and what your responsibilities were. Instead, talk about what leadership means to you, what steps you took to achieve it, and what your outcome was. Go in depth and provide a story completely personalized to you.

Don’t Start With These Options

Unless stated otherwise in the directions, dont start your scholarship essay with something along the lines of “Hello my name is..”. Most of the time the essay readers are “blind” readers and don’t know anything about the writer. Therefore, they prefer not to know your name. After all, your name is attached to the application, if they need your name they will be able to get it. Too many essays start with a self introduction. In order to keep your reader’s attention you only have the first three to five sentences, you don’t want to start off with generic sentences such as these. Another thing to avoid when starting your essay is not to start with a quote, unless it’s yours originally, if so make it a good one. Chances are when you use a quote several others are using that same one. This will cause the person reading your essay to assume it’s the same as all the others.

Stay Focused

College requires you to stay focused to succeed. Therefore, when writing your essay you need to stay focused and centered around the keywords and theme as to which your essay is supposed to be about. A way to show the reader you are staying on point is to include the keywords though out the essay. By staying focused on your theme, it will give the reader a view that you are able to follow directions and will do well in college if they chose you.

However you chose to start your essay take pride in it. This is what is going to get you into the school of your choosing. When you take pride you show the school that you want this and are willing to do anything for it.

Three Unique Places to Get Scholarships

Are you are looking to further your education, yet don’t have the means to pay for college? Then a scholarship could be for you. Scholarships help fill the void between the money you have to pay and the overall tuition bills. There are several hundred to several thousand scholarships available for students to apply for. You may find looking for a scholarship an overwhelming task. Well no worries there should be several people at your school who can help you with this, financial aid at the college, and even website’s devoted to scholarships. However, many of the scholarships fall into categories such as sports and academics. If you don’t play basketball, football, baseball, or have perfect academic success you may be wondering if there are categories you fall under to get scholarships. The answer is yes, you just have to dig deep.

Culinary Skills

There are several different scholarships available for those who are interested in joining the culinary studies. Companies such as Jif Peanut Butter has offeres scholarships for most creative sandwich containing peanut butter. This scholarship is worth up to 25,000 dollars.The International Dairy Deli Bakery Association gives scholarships to those who work 13 hours a week within the company and want to major in culinary arts and food science. These are just a few examples of, scholarships you can get when pursuing a culinary college career.

Artistic Skills

Art has been around for several decades. Therefore, it is a great thing to major in. If you are wanting to major in art you may be wondering if there are scholarships geared towards you. The answer is yes, several. This includes all art ranging from , creative writing, drawing, painting and sculpting. The Duct duct tape company offers a scholarship annually for 5,000 dollars to whoever can create the best and most creative prom outfit made entirely out of duct tape. The Gallery Collection offers scholarships to whoever has the best Create A Greeting Card. There are several different scholarships for artistic skills

Conservation Skills

Conservation is becoming increasingly important as global warming happens as well as more endangered species. Therefore, more and more companies are offering conservation scholarships. For those of you who are looking into environmental studies, this scholarship may help you. Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation gives scholarships to students who have a proven track record of helping the environment as well as a passion for saving wildlife.

Aside from your basic resources such as schools and counselors, there are several other places to search for scholarships. Believe it or not, with the growth of social media more and more scholarships are advertised there. Simple search scholarships and it will bring up hundreds of pages dedicated to scholarships. In addition to social media you also have the resources of the internet as well as your friends who are in the same boat as you. Make shopping for scholarships and team effort and you all will get double the work done.

Most Common Mistakes People Make When Applying for Scholarships

The time is coming that every parent and high school student looks forward to but dreads at the same time. Going to college can open up doors that your child has never even dreamed of and make all of their wishes come true as well. However, the economy is in bad shape and the cost of tuition has skyrocketed to the point, where it is almost impossible not to ask for help with college tuition costs.

This is why scholarships are becoming almost necessary instead of an option for many high school students who hope to get into college. The biggest problem however, is the common mistakes people make on scholarship applications that stop them from getting the help that they need so badly. Below you will find some of the most common mistakes, ones that you will want to avoid at all costs.

Applying for Every Scholarship You can Find

Many students feel that the more scholarships they apply for, the better their chances are of being approved for one of them. The flaw in this lies in the fact that you may have overlapping due dates on the scholarships and miss a deadline. It is also possible that between rushing to meet the deadlines and the stress this causes, you will not do the job that you should on your essay and risk being turned down by one or even all of your options.

The best solution to this problem is to apply to scholarships that show your strengths. For example, if you have a strong background in community service, then apply for these types of scholarships. In other words, find scholarships that match your interests before you apply to them.

Submitting an Application that is Incomplete

One of the most common mistakes that students make is turning in an incomplete scholarship application. It is so easy to get in a hurry and forget to fill in a line or forget to attach a letter of reference. The result is a scholarship that has been denied because it was never completed, something that will hurt you in many ways, when you lose your sought after scholarship.

The solution to this is simple. You need to take your time filling out your scholarship application and go over it two or three times before you turn it in. Go over all of the instructions of the application and make sure that you haven’t forgotten anything. It is helpful to create a checklist of items that you need to send with your application and check them off one at a time as you complete them. Checking, double-checking, then triple checking is the best way not to turn in an application that isn’t complete.

These are just a couple of the most common mistakes people make when filling out their scholarship applications. From failing to include one small thing to applying for way to many scholarships at once, it is easy to get off track and end up hurting your chances.

How to Hunt for Scholarships Online

College is one of the most expensive things you will encounter in your life. Therefore, if you have the right requirements needed to receive a scholarship it doesn’t hurt to put in the effort to apply for one. Scholarships help pay for your college tuition. There are quite a few different places that can assist you with finding scholarships in person, but in this day and age everything is available online. Instead of spending hours and days searching state agency and schools for assistance, you can access all you need in the comfort of your home and with the ease of the internet.

Make Sure Its Legit

The internet, maybe simple and resourceful, but as with everything you should practice internet safety. Thousands of people get scammed every year due to internet scams. There are a few things to remember when hunting for scholarships online. Never give out personal information until you know if the company is legit. Another thing to remember is when you are applying for scholarships, you are trying to get help with your financial situations concerning furthering your education. Therefore, you should never pay to apply for a scholarship. If something asks for a payment leave this site immediately.

Scholarship Web Sites

There are several legit websites that can assist you with applying for scholarships. Web sites such as College Week Live provides opportunities in over $8 million dollars for scholarships, but the help doesn’t end there. They also help you earn money for school funding by just attending different colleges. also offers a free search engine that offers information pertaining to the scholarships that fit your style. There are so many resources online to help you find scholarships that you should not have to look anywhere else.

Honor Societies

If you have high enough grades to receive a scholarship you may consider joining an academic honor society. These societies help people every day find scholarships that fit their needs. They know all the best resources to help people apply and receive scholarships. In addition to helping apply, honor societies also have several more benefits. Often if looking to succeed in furthering your education you should severally consider joining an academic honor society.

Grants and Scholarships

If you find that you are not having any luck receiving scholarships, there is also the options of grants and loans. There are several different options to look into when trying to further your education to get a well respected career.

Whether you choose to hunt for scholarships online or in person, take your time to find ones that fit your needs and that you can meet their requirements as well. There are so many to choose from out there, that you should be able to find a few scholarship that will work for you. If you need help searching for scholarships your state’s financial aid office should be able to assist you in all your financial needs concerning furthering your education.

How to Make Your Scholarship App Stand Out

A college scholarship could be your old chance to be able to attend college. Therefore, you want everything on your application to be perfect. To do this you need to spell check, proofread, and even ask friends for their opinion. However, one thing is for sure, you need to stand out. There could be anywhere between ten to ten thousand applying for the scholarship at the same time as you. Make yourself stand out in the crowd to make sure YOU are the one that receives that scholarship.

Predetermine your course of action

So you have several different scholarships you are excited about applying for. However, don’t jump the gun so to speak. If you start filling out applications before thinking them through chances are they are going to be the same application everyone else is submitting. Therefore, take the little extra it requires to plan a course of action. This will include looking over the questions and coming up with great answers before writing them down. If you are unsure on how to answer the questions or feel you could use a little extra help on a certain question, don’t be scared to ask your friends or teachers. Sometimes it helps to get a second opinion.

Make your essay shine

You college application and essay is your chance to see yourself to the judges. That the questions they ask and make yourself look good. However, be sure to find good balance between making yourself sound like a good person and being over confident. It is a very fine line to try and walk. Answer question to showcase your weaknesses as well as your strength. However, on the one that ask about your downfall, let them know one or two, but turn those weaknesses into strengths as well.

Proofread and make edits

Proofreading can make or break your scholarship success. You want your scholarship essay to read smoothly with very few mistakes. In order to make sure this is happening you need to proofread your essay several different times. Every time you find you need to reword something you should start that section over again to ensure its perfect. There are several different companies out there that can help you with your proofreading and editing. However, if you don’t have the means and funds to do this consider enlisting a friend with great grammar or even a parent or teacher. No matter how you chose to go about editing make sure you just don’t skip this step. Proofreading also helps make sure you haven’t left any questions unanswered.

The essay part of your scholarship application is one of the most important parts. It is what the judges spend most of their time looking at. Therefore this is the part you should spend most your time doing. Take your time to make it just right and to ensure it stand out in the crowd of all the other submissions.

How to Determine What Scholarships to Apply for

A scholarship is free funding to help further your education. They do take a lot of effort to win one, though. However, unlike student loans they don’t have to be paid back, so it is worth the effort to apply. With how many scholarships are out there, you may find yourself trying to determine just which ones to apply for. Don’t stress, as soon as you find the ones meant for you, you will do great. Here are a few tips on how to narrow down your search.

Different Kinds Of Scholarships

There are several different types of scholarships. Some of which are merit based, this kind is earned by meeting standards set by the person giving the scholarship. Most merit scholarships are awarded off of academic behavior. However, these can also be based off a talent or a trait. Another category of scholarships are the ones geared more towards certain groups of people. such as parents, high school seniors, or children of military families. Whatever your background is there is bound to be several different scholarships for you to apply to.

When Are The Deadlines

With the amount of effort some scholarship applications and essays take, you need to be sure you can meet the deadlines. There are so many people applying for the same scholarship as you that if you are late or rush and don’t put it the required effort, chances are your going to get denied. Therefore, only apply to those that you have enough time to put in the hard work they need. Trust that if you put in the effort it will be paid off after all someone has to be awarded the scholarship why not it be you?

Narrow Selections Down

Once you have found the ones you are interested it’s time to narrow down the ones that meet you specifically. Read the directions carefully. This includes the qualifications and fine print as well. Always remember that you are trying to earn money to further your education, the scholarship companies knows this. Therefore, you should never have to give money in order to apply. If something asks for a payment or credit card it is most likely a scam. Look over all the essay requirements as well. If there is anything you are unsure about being able to meet once you are awarded the scholarship or even in the application process, skip that one and move on to the next. There are so many scholarships out there that you are bound to find the perfect ones to apply for that meets you personally.

If this all sounds too easy don’t worry, it is easy. It also will get easier with every application. You may even find that some of the applications require the same type of essay and you can use it over and over. Just pay close attention so you don’t accidentally miss something in the process. Your hard work and determination are bound to pay off.

How to Organize Your Volunteer History on a Scholarship App

Almost all of the scholarships now days ask about your volunteer history. When people give out money to help you, they want to know that they are helping someone who is able to help others in return. Therefore, it is severely important to list all the volunteer work you have done in the past. If you are just entering high school and considering working towards a scholarship, now is the time to get started in volunteering in your area.

Start with work done in the field

It can be difficult to decide on where to start listing your volunteer history. It is always best to start with the most relevant stuff first. By putting your best foot forward you draw the readers in keeping them interested longer. On average the judges look at each section for a few seconds. You want to take this time to make them want to read further. Therefore, if you are applying, for example, a scholarship to help you become a veterinarian, they list the work you have done with local shelters and animal clinic. If you are looking to go into nursing than consider listing volunteer work you did in that area such as nursing home visits. Whatever field you are looking to list the volunteer work you have done with that before listing anything else.

Next list relevant work

Just because you haven’t don’t any volunteer work in the field you are applying for doesn’t mean that you can’t still get the scholarship. List any volunteer work that could go along with the scholarship you are applying for. This is could include, but not limited to, being a math tutor if going into accounting, activities with the elderly if going into nursing. There are several things that could be considered relevant to your volunteer history.

Finish with any other volunteer work you have done

You want the people reading your application to know that you are willing to help the community. If you find you don’t have any relevant volunteer experience don’t worry. Write down any volunteer work you have done. This will let the person reviewing your application that you take time out of your busy schedule to help those around you. Volunteering is something that many scholarship offers require if you have yet to volunteer, now is your chance to get started. By volunteering, you are ensuring yourself that you have better chances of receiving scholarships.

Earning a scholarship or multiple scholarships is important for people to attend college. Therefore, you should do everything in your power to earn one. Work your butt off at school as well as volunteering. nothing looks better on a scholarship application than someone who works hard for a degree and someone who works hard in their community. Put in the effort required to earn a scholarship and chances are you will receive one. After all someone needs to win it, why not let it be you.