Top Resume Building Activities for Teens

High school is the time for teens to really focus on building their résumés. In addition to preparing for college, teens are expected to improve on their résumés with experience outside of the classroom. However, finding the right activities can be hard if you do not know where to start. Adding the right activities to your résumé is an important process, as it will help fortify your interests when you begin looking for a job after college.


Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteering is a great way to get in touch with your specific interests while also getting yourself involved in the community. There are vast ranges of volunteer focuses such as working with the elderly, environmental conservation, animal care, food donation, and school or library volunteering. This type of activity is quite easy as your community will be full of different opportunities. You will get to know your city better while giving back to the community in a variety of ways. By adding volunteering to your résumé, you are letting your employer or college know that you have learned leadership, communication, and team-building skills.


Part-Time Jobs


Having a good work ethic at a young age is important to display, as many teens tend to forgo part-time jobs. It may be hard work and it may be time-consuming, but a part-time job shows that you are able to balance school and work without slacking off in either. You will learn technical and teamwork skills as well as communication, a huge deal in the business world. Being able to help a customer or client no matter what kind of time constraints or speed bumps, you encounter shows that you can keep a level head in stressful situations.


Unpaid Internships


Unpaid internships are the happy middle between volunteering and part-time jobs. Students usually make time for internships during the summer when they can prioritize their work without the restrictions of school. An internship helps teens demonstrate proper work ethic and leadership without the paycheck. It exposes them to the field of work they may decide to pursue later on while still helping them gain experience now. Internships can be hard to get into, especially if they are with popular businesses, but they are very important for résumé building. Teens are able to get real-world experience with internships while also gaining skills and benefits not always present in part-time jobs. These can include earning course credit, networking with professionals, and the ability to shadow someone in your potential career field.


Academic Extracurricular Activities


Extracurricular activities of any kind are important to add to a résumé because they can show a student is well-rounded and able to work effectively in groups. However, academic-based activities in school introduce leadership and communication skills early on in a teen. Honor societies, Model United Nations, science clubs, or business clubs are all good examples of this. In these clubs, you are able to apply real-world knowledge to small-scale situations in the classroom. Skills like project management, problem solving, and organization are all advantageous to a growing résumé.


Keep these résumé building skills in mind while you are still in high school as they can be improved upon later in life. While it may be more intriguing to cruise through school without doing too much work, at the end of your college career you will be thankful you had so many opportunities for real-world experience.

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