Three Unique Places to Get Scholarships

Are you are looking to further your education, yet don’t have the means to pay for college? Then a scholarship could be for you. Scholarships help fill the void between the money you have to pay and the overall tuition bills. There are several hundred to several thousand scholarships available for students to apply for. You may find looking for a scholarship an overwhelming task. Well no worries there should be several people at your school who can help you with this, financial aid at the college, and even website’s devoted to scholarships. However, many of the scholarships fall into categories such as sports and academics. If you don’t play basketball, football, baseball, or have perfect academic success you may be wondering if there are categories you fall under to get scholarships. The answer is yes, you just have to dig deep.

Culinary Skills

There are several different scholarships available for those who are interested in joining the culinary studies. Companies such as Jif Peanut Butter has offeres scholarships for most creative sandwich containing peanut butter. This scholarship is worth up to 25,000 dollars.The International Dairy Deli Bakery Association gives scholarships to those who work 13 hours a week within the company and want to major in culinary arts and food science. These are just a few examples of, scholarships you can get when pursuing a culinary college career.

Artistic Skills

Art has been around for several decades. Therefore, it is a great thing to major in. If you are wanting to major in art you may be wondering if there are scholarships geared towards you. The answer is yes, several. This includes all art ranging from , creative writing, drawing, painting and sculpting. The Duct duct tape company offers a scholarship annually for 5,000 dollars to whoever can create the best and most creative prom outfit made entirely out of duct tape. The Gallery Collection offers scholarships to whoever has the best Create A Greeting Card. There are several different scholarships for artistic skills

Conservation Skills

Conservation is becoming increasingly important as global warming happens as well as more endangered species. Therefore, more and more companies are offering conservation scholarships. For those of you who are looking into environmental studies, this scholarship may help you. Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation gives scholarships to students who have a proven track record of helping the environment as well as a passion for saving wildlife.

Aside from your basic resources such as schools and counselors, there are several other places to search for scholarships. Believe it or not, with the growth of social media more and more scholarships are advertised there. Simple search scholarships and it will bring up hundreds of pages dedicated to scholarships. In addition to social media you also have the resources of the internet as well as your friends who are in the same boat as you. Make shopping for scholarships and team effort and you all will get double the work done.

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