IDS Honor Society Job Application Guide

Furthering your education can be difficult, but when you have dedicated years and years of your life to your studies, the thought of attending your dream school has most likely never seemed more in reach. Unfortunately, many young high school graduates are starting to realize that attending university takes more than just good grades and an application fee—tuition and other expenses can be crippling for a student.  Luckily, places like IDS, or the International Distinguished Scholars Academic Honor Society, understand how challenging it can be and want to help.  They work together with other companies to help students find the scholarships they deserve, so they can have the future they always imagined was possible.


JobApplicationGuide Scholarship Information


JobApplicationGuide is one of those companies that are dedicated to helping talented students succeed. They are currently offering two scholarships for incoming college freshman and adult extended education students—each scholarship is worth $500.  Not only does their website work as an effective and free career resource, but also they plan to grow this scholarship each semester.  This scholarship is looking for two students who are dedicated to their education and show their commitment through high achievements in grades and extracurricular activities despite financial need for assistance.


What is Needed?


Each scholarship application requires a written submission of 600-1200 words and a letter of recommendation from a mentor, teacher, coach, or active member of your local community. For the incoming freshman, the written portion should include the high school they are currently attending, a list of GPA and activities, colleges of interest, financial needs, and a detailed description of your high school experience, why you deserve the scholarship, and what the college experience will mean to you.  The adult extended education scholarship has the same requirements except it is not necessary to describe the high school experience or the GPA.  Instead, simply explain why it is you wish to continue your education.


What IDS Offers


This is just one of the many opportunities IDS has to offer those seeking assistance in their educational and professional lives. As a member of IDS, you would have access to countless scholarship openings and discounts throughout your journey of pursuing the best education into your life as a successful career holder.  IDS is an honorable society that is partnered with many reputable corporate organizations who share the same values about living a distinguished and scholarly life.  Those who hold a membership hold the key to the amazing benefits being a part of an honor society can bring you.


How to Use the Site


Any man or woman who is attending or looking to attend an institution of higher education is eligible to join IDS; however only those who show exemplary achievement and a thirst for learning are accepted. Other qualities they are looking for include strong morals and integrity or the ability for individual growth or improvement.  They must also be ranked in the top 15% of their class, participate in extracurricular activities, and exude potential leadership makings.


Financial need should never get in the way of your thirst for knowledge. Let scholarships and those who see the potential in you, help you fight for a spot in line for a quality education.  For more information about the JobApplicationGuide scholarship including deadlines and where to apply, head over to their website or apply for membership at the International Distinguished Scholars Academic Honor Society.