How your Essay Can make you Win or Lose a Scholarship

After getting good grades in high school, looking for great letters of recommendation and making sure that you have spotted a good scholarship offer, what follows is to write a stellar essay that will put your odds of receiving the scholarship above everyone else’s. But then, as we shall see below, how you write that scholarship essay can determine if you will get the scholarship or not.

Deviating from the main theme

One great mistake that any scholarship applicant can make is to deviate from the theme that is often determined by why you are receiving the scholarship. Take for example a scholarship that awards students from poor backgrounds, but in your essay, you have been asked to explain how the problem of street families should be solved. Then, in your answer you give a good suggestion but somewhere in the middle of a paragraph you start stating your hate for the street families. In such a case, you would definitely have deviated from a good flow of ideas and perhaps deny yourself a good chance to win the scholarship.

Unedited essays

Failure to edit your essay is another mistake that would definitely deny you a chance to get a scholarship. Out of tens of thousands of scholarship applicants, only a handful of them get the scholarship awards. As such, committees that seek to award these scholarships look for the tiniest errors and then remove you from their list of successful applicants. So, despite the deadline for submitting your application, always take time to edit and proofread your essay. To be on the safe side, you can give several people to edit the essay for you.

Stating excess personal details

Stating some details about your background and influences in life is not a bad idea in a scholarship application essay. However, stating too many details can decrease your chances of getting the essay due to the following reasons. For one, you are only one applicant among thousands. The person awarding you the scholarship therefore only looks at the most interesting and informative details that would make him or her give the scholarship to you.

Give captivating answers

If you want to increase your chances of getting the scholarship, answer the questions asked in a brief but informative way. If there is a question on your future goals and plans in life, answer the question that shows that you are responsible in life and that you can become the best there will be in your field of study. Furthermore, since all the applicants are answering the same questions make your answers different but interesting.

Be unique and informative

Finally, you are most likely to get a scholarship if your essay will be full of important details and less of generic information. As we had mentioned above, scholarship applicants who answer questions in a generic and less interesting manner reduce their chances of getting good scholarships. So, for your essay to appear better than the rest, get prepared thoroughly on how you will write it. Organize all your answers and ideas properly, and then write a stellar essay that will wow the organization awarding the scholarships.

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