How to Start a Scholarship Essay  

An essay can make or break your scholarship chances. This is the part people hate most about applying for different scholarships. Several people would rather spend the times it takes to write one and use it searching for programs that don’t require an essay submission. However, people don’t like to give out  money for college to people who aren’t willing to put in the effort to submit an essay. After all, college requires several essays, though out the courses. Included are a few tips on how to start and essay that will draw the reader’s attention.


Be Unique


Whoever is reading your scholarship essay reads hundreds and even thousands of essays just the same as yours. To prevent your essay going straight into the denied pile, you need to stand out in the crowd of submissions. Think about the key themes they asked you to write on and be sure you understand them. If the key theme is leadership, don’t just go on about how you held a position in leadership and what your responsibilities were. Instead, talk about what leadership means to you, what steps you took to achieve it, and what your outcome was. Go in depth and provide a story completely personalized to you.


Don’t Start With These Options


Unless stated otherwise in the directions, dont start your scholarship essay with something along the lines of “Hello my name is..”. Most of the time the essay readers are “blind” readers and don’t know anything about the writer. Therefore, they prefer not to know your name. After all, your name is attached to the application, if they need your name they will be able to get it. Too many essays start with a self introduction. In order to keep your reader’s attention you only have the first three to five sentences, you don’t want to start off with generic sentences such as these. Another thing to avoid when starting your essay is not to start with a quote, unless it’s yours originally, if so make it a good one. Chances are when you use a quote several others are using that same one. This will cause the person reading your essay to assume it’s the same as all the others.


Stay Focused


College requires you to stay focused to succeed. Therefore, when writing your essay you need to stay focused and centered around the keywords and theme as to which your essay is supposed to be about. A way to show the reader you are staying on point is to include the keywords though out the essay. By staying focused on your theme, it will give the reader a view that you are able to follow directions and will do well in college if they chose you.


However you chose to start your essay take pride in it. This is what is going to get you into the school of your choosing. When you take pride you show the school that you want this and are willing to do anything for it.