How to Organize Your Volunteer History on a Scholarship App

Almost all of the scholarships now days ask about your volunteer history. When people give out money to help you, they want to know that they are helping someone who is able to help others in return. Therefore, it is severely important to list all the volunteer work you have done in the past. If you are just entering high school and considering working towards a scholarship, now is the time to get started in volunteering in your area.

Start with work done in the field

It can be difficult to decide on where to start listing your volunteer history. It is always best to start with the most relevant stuff first. By putting your best foot forward you draw the readers in keeping them interested longer. On average the judges look at each section for a few seconds. You want to take this time to make them want to read further. Therefore, if you are applying, for example, a scholarship to help you become a veterinarian, they list the work you have done with local shelters and animal clinic. If you are looking to go into nursing than consider listing volunteer work you did in that area such as nursing home visits. Whatever field you are looking to list the volunteer work you have done with that before listing anything else.

Next list relevant work

Just because you haven’t don’t any volunteer work in the field you are applying for doesn’t mean that you can’t still get the scholarship. List any volunteer work that could go along with the scholarship you are applying for. This is could include, but not limited to, being a math tutor if going into accounting, activities with the elderly if going into nursing. There are several things that could be considered relevant to your volunteer history.

Finish with any other volunteer work you have done

You want the people reading your application to know that you are willing to help the community. If you find you don’t have any relevant volunteer experience don’t worry. Write down any volunteer work you have done. This will let the person reviewing your application that you take time out of your busy schedule to help those around you. Volunteering is something that many scholarship offers require if you have yet to volunteer, now is your chance to get started. By volunteering, you are ensuring yourself that you have better chances of receiving scholarships.

Earning a scholarship or multiple scholarships is important for people to attend college. Therefore, you should do everything in your power to earn one. Work your butt off at school as well as volunteering. nothing looks better on a scholarship application than someone who works hard for a degree and someone who works hard in their community. Put in the effort required to earn a scholarship and chances are you will receive one. After all someone needs to win it, why not let it be you.


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