How to Choose the Most Important Accomplishments for a Scholarship Application

When filling out your scholarship applications it is difficult to see what is the most important from a scholarship reviewer’s point of view. You have to decided if your 1st place win in a sport is greater than an academic achievement for an after school activity. Finding the right balance and minimizing your application is difficult for someone new to applying for scholarships. Here are a few tips on how to choose the most important accomplishments.

Listing the most prestigious first

When listing your most important accomplishments it is important to list your most prestigious first. The highest academic achievements and honors should be at the top of your list to make sure that you are known for your successes. By listing your accomplishments in this order you will allow yourself to be remembered instead of brushed aside for the selection process.

Many students will make the mistake of listing by the date or most recent. This method is not going to give your application the impact needed. Your accomplishments should be placed with a title of your accomplishment, the date, and then by the award given. By changing your placement for your list, you will be more memorable in the quality of your achievements than by the quantity of your participation.

Relevance to the scholarship

The scholarship is also something to consider when you are sorting out your achievements. If you are applying for a writing scholarship, it is best to list all of your literary achievements before anything else. This will give you the impact needed when they are sorting through applicants. The scholarships that focus on academics will want to see you have succeeded in mathematics before sports.

While you might need to adjust your impact slightly any scholarship reviewers will consider your list. By pushing all of your most relevant information first, you are pulling in the application reviewer; they will look at your most relevant information and then continue reading to find your other prestigious work below. By adjusting your list to the scholarship, you are applying for you will identify with their program and have a better chance at being accepted.

Showing off

While boasting might not be your strong suit, it is important to make yourself known as a possible candidate for the scholarship. Being modest will not push you ahead when you are fighting for your scholarship. Instead of holding back be sure to mention your awards and activities without fail. Use your small successes to build into overall achievement. By becoming more appealing to the scholarship reviewers, you have a greater chance of acceptance.

All of these tips will help when deciding what important accomplishments to choose for your scholarship applications. When looking for a basic scholarship always lost the most important and eye catching achievements first. The more focused scholarships for literary achievements will require an adjustment to a list of relevant literary accomplishments before anything else. The most important thing to remember is to boast and brag about you. Your achievements are something to be proud of that can now help you make an impact.