How to Choose a Volunteer Opportunity That Helps You Get Experience and Build Your Resume  

Adding volunteer opportunities to your resume is a great way to show organizations and future schools that you are a well-rounded individual who enjoys giving back to the community. Use this to your advantage, as many schools like to see students participating in volunteer work. Remember that this is a personal choice, so make your experience one that you will enjoy. Don’t sign up for a volunteer opportunity that you will regret doing later.


Food and Clothing Donation


Every city will have a food or clothing donation site where people can donate canned goods and used clothing for the less fortunate. This is a great thing to add onto your resume to show that you are able to help those in need and give selflessly. When adding this volunteer opportunity to your resume, you can also add that you donated your own clothes or nonperishable foods, as well as helped out. Many food and clothing donation organizations will be through churches and community centers.


Environmental and Community Service


This type of volunteer opportunity focuses on nature and improving the environment. This includes duties such as planting in a community garden, restoring wetlands on the coast, picking up litter, or planting trees. If you aren’t into helping people, this is a great opportunity for you. Look for organizations in your area that provide landscaping services or environmental outreach programs.


Education and Medical


This type of opportunity focuses on extracurricular teaching for elementary school or daycares, as well as assisting nurses and medical professionals at clinics. You can also sign up as a volunteer for blood drives and free opportunities like these promoted for the public. Choose this volunteer service if you are interested in giving back to the community by helping others in need or if you like teaching.


Parks and Recreation Centers


Volunteering at your local rec center is a great way to help teach intermural sports or an exercise class. You may also be able to volunteer during retreats that are sometimes held at gyms. Volunteering at your local park or a national park that is near you is a great way to better the park by picking up litter or helping clean and organize equipment for guests. This type of volunteer opportunity is a mix of helping people and helping the environment. It is a great choice for someone who isn’t sure of what they want to volunteer in.


Libraries and Nursing Homes


If you love to read, volunteering at your local library is a great option. You can help organize and plan events that they might be having, as well as acting as an assistant librarian. Nursing homes love having volunteers come by to spend time with those who are sick or elderly. At a nursing home, you will be able to play games with the patients and read to them. You can even volunteer your services if you want to teach the patients crafts or another skill.


There are many different volunteer opportunities for you to choose from, but whatever your choice is, remember that volunteer opportunities are a great way to be noticed on your resume. In the future, if you decide that you want a career in one of the places that you volunteered at, put your volunteer work in a section about related experience. Your future employer will see that you have been able to successfully complete a volunteer opportunity in that field. If you do not know where to start when choosing something to volunteer for, your city will have a local website that lists all of the events, and opportunities they offer to get involved.