How Soon Should I Start a Scholarship Search?

When you are looking for scholarship opportunities, it’s never too early to start. The benefits of a scholarship may only affect you once you are attending college however, thinking about scholarships from your sophomore year of high school can improve your chance at being prepared and receiving scholarships. Here are a few tips when you are thinking about scholarships throughout high school.

Do your research

When you are looking at scholarships you want to apply to, looking for the prerequisites is something you can benefit from even in your sophomore year. Scholarships may want to see teachers as references, a history of volunteer work, and high academic standing. By having all of these goals in your back pocket, you can choose which classes to take, which extracurricular events to go for and what you can do to make yourself more appealing when applying.

When your junior year begins, many high school students are going to be thinking about colleges and rushing to get all of the needed requirements. By starting in your sophomore year, you have plenty of time to think ahead and to get everything situated before starting your applications. When you are finally turning in your applications you will feel confident instead of rushed.


Talk to your counselor

Your school counselor is a great reference when looking for scholarships at a younger age. Since they are able to see your grades and school standing, they can give tips on where to improve and how to stay on task. By speaking to your counselor, they can also help with holding you accountable as the year goes on. Each school counselor will also have specific references they can give you when you are thinking about your future and your choice of college. By organizing and giving suggestions, they can lead you down the right direction for school.


Get the results

Once you have your game plan, you now need to take the steps to get yourself ready for the panic of junior year. When junior year comes around it’s all about SAT scores and selecting colleges. The information you receive as a class is going to be the bare bones in applications. The applications for scholarships will also be something that will only be explained in depth when you ask a counselor directly.

Many students are just getting this information. With your head start in sophomore year, you will have already received the info you need and now you can start thinking about making yourself appealing to the scholarship reviewers. By keeping up in extracurricular activities, making connections with teachers who will be your references, and keeping up your GPA there is now one less thing to worry about.

Become Unique

Getting the grades is not enough when applying for a scholarship. In the midst of applying for scholarships and colleges, you also need to experience what it is you want to do in your future. You can show you’re well rounded by taking art classes, being involved in chorus, or taking on the chess club. Everything you do is taken into account in a scholarship application. What you have done for the community, time spent in extracurricular activities, and achievements in sports will combine to make you a unique person they should accept. There is never too early a time when you should start in reviewing scholarship applications, though it may not seem like it your future is just around the corner.