How Important is Turning in a Scholarship App Early?

Scholarships are incredibly important for a student, not only to help with finances and student loans but also for the opportunity. Adding scholarship awards to a résumé makes a student look hard-working and competitive. They are the students who go after what they want and work hard to get it. An important factor to being this type of student is turning in your scholarship application early. If you are not convinced this piece of information will not matter when it comes time to submit your application, think again. Some factors can stop a student from turning a scholarship application in early or even at all.


Don’t Skip Out


Many students do not think they have what it takes to apply to a scholarship, let alone win one. This is simply not the case. There is a scholarship out there for all types of people. To stop yourself from thinking like this, start small. Local scholarships provided to students in your community are a good place to start. You may already know the organization personally, which means you already know how they operate. With national scholarships, choose ones that you know you already qualify for. Look at your résumé and make a list of your interests and personal accomplishments to compare them to the available scholarship opportunities.


Don’t Overwhelm Yourself


If you are trying to apply to scholarships for college, keep in mind that your senior year of high school will be filled with college applications, wrapping up classes and sports, and simply wanting to enjoy your last year. If you add applying to scholarships into that mix, you may end up having no time for yourself or putting the applications off until the last minute. To make sure this does not happen, work on the applications a little bit each night or each week so that you don’t end up overwhelmed with only a few days left to submit them. Another piece of advice is to submit your applications the year before or during the summer. That way you know they will be done before the busyness of senior year begins.


Stay Competitive and Positive


If you know that you want to apply to a scholarship that has hundreds and maybe even thousands of applicants every year, stay competitive. Don’t slack off or decide the application isn’t worth it. Even if you don’t have as much experience as some of the other applicants, it doesn’t mean you don’t have unique strengths and accomplishments. Polish your résumé so that you are putting your best foot forward and take advantage of resources like professors or family to help you look superlative on paper. Even more importantly than that, stay positive. Don’t go into an application process not feeling confident in your abilities. Not feeling like you deserve to earn a scholarship can manifest itself in your application essay; this feeling can also make it easy for you to put off turning in the application early.


Turning in a scholarship application early helps you stand out to colleges and organizations. It makes you look professional and eager to succeed. Keep these factors in mind when applying so that you can avoid making mistakes that could cost you a scholarship opportunity. Put your best foot forward in your essay and résumé, and don’t fret if the application process seems long or time-consuming. Working hard and turning in your scholarship application is worth the extra effort.