Free GMAT Exam Prep Guide

Earning a high GMAT score is very important and proper preparation is needed for success. To help guide you through the GMAT, there is an excellent online resource that will allow students to prepare for the test, and it is free.

It is more comprehensive than similar guides offered by leading sources like The Princeton Review and Kaplan for four reasons:

  1. It explains the entire GMAT process: from preparatory study through to testing, and understanding scores.
  2. It features a hand-picked collection of free online GMAT study tools, software, and tutorials.
  3. It includes a FAQs section addressing key practical details, as well as the most common concerns and challenges that test-takers may run into.
  4. It discusses financial assistance for test-takers, and what kinds of accommodations are available for students with disabilities or health-related needs.

    Here is the link to the Free GMAT prep guide:

    We hope this is a useful resource for you!