Benefits of Joining IDS

Whether you are a high school student, undergraduate or graduate, you can always apply for a scholarship for the International Distinguished Scholars or IDS. The IDS scholarships are based around the idea that a scholarship is given to award any student for academic achievements in leadership and excellence. When looking for a one-stop location for benefits such as scholarships, resume building and after school resources, joining the IDS is the way to go.


The IDS grants scholarships for academic achievements, and steps taken in leadership and service. All scholarships are funded through the IDS program and there are changes in scholarships every year. The members’ dues are what gives the scholarships their funding. When being evaluated for a scholarship the IDS will look at academic honors, current GPA, leadership experience, and civil service. All scholarships can be awarded to high school, undergraduate, and graduate students.

When looking to apply for a scholarship you have to write two essays, one for each question. The first question you will be answering is about how the scholarship will benefit you in your education and career goals. The second question is based on which scholarship category you are applying for. The categories are split up and can differ from Arts, Science, and even “Esse Quam Videri” which is Latin for to be, rather than to seem.

Resume Building and Review

Another resource and benefit of the IDS is the help with building and reviewing your resume. IDS members are able to utilize the resume review service free. Professional resume writers are able to assist member in creating a professionally sound resume. The benefit lasts a lifetime by assisting current younger members and alumni with a professional resume.

The IDS is also beneficial when looking to mention a membership in the IDS on college applications, resumes, and professional credentials. The benefit of having an honor society on your resume shows your academic success and gives you an advantage over your competitors. By becoming a member of the IDS, you are giving your resume an adjustment and preparing yourself for a brighter future in academics.

After School Resources

With your membership to the IDS, you are also helped after you have left school. The IDS gives its members access to the best career resources available. By forming partnerships with career advisors, counselors, and internship providers, you have nothing to fear after attending college. The connections given by the IDS will improve job success rate and confidence when applying for a career. The benefits of the IDS are built not only to help you succeed in college but to help you in life as well.

Becoming a member of the IDS Academic Honor Society is something that takes the right grades, attitude, and commitment. However, once you have been accepted, the benefits are endless. With the support of an entire network of members looking out for your progress, helping you with scholarship selection, adjusting your resume, and helping you find a career in the future. The IDS gives you the opportunities to go farther than you ever imagined.