4 of the Strangest Scholarship Opportunities

Believe or not, there is a scholarship out there that rewards your unique talent, unusual skill, or odd passion. Just because you aren’t the typical poindexter, or juiced up jock, doesn’t mean that your scholarship search is hopeless. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of scholarships available for students who may not fit into a typical high school or college mold. There are many very strange scholarships out there, and after reading this article, you’ll be sure there is one out there for you.

  1. Asparagus Club Scholarship

Do you love food? Like most of us humans, I’m sure you do. The Asparagus Club Scholarship is for up and coming food enthusiasts perusing a degree in business, food management, or any other relevant degree related to the grocery industry. If you want to manage your local supermarket, start a creative food business, or make a scientific contribution to the world of food in wholesale and retail this scholarship is definitely for you. All you need is a 2.5 GPA, and be considered a fulltime student, and you’ll be your way to receiving a whopping $2,000 per semester- all because you love food!

  1. Clowns of America International Scholarship

Voted ‘class clown’ in your high school yearbook? Have dreams of one day working in the circus, and making people laugh (or possibly haunting their dreams for years to come)? Than the Clowns of America International Scholarship is for you! If you are serious about clowning, and attending a top-notch clown university just send an in an application describing ‘What the Art of Clowning Means to You’, to clown director of education Jim ‘Soapy’ Dixon, and you may get a chance to attend a free 30 hour clowning workshop. Who knew even clowns had scholarships?!

  1. Colorado Taxidermist Association Scholarship

Enjoy stuffing dead animals and fixing them in cool poses? Professional or hobbyist, it doesn’t matter. As long as you have a passion for taxidermy and want to learn more about it, this scholarship is right up your alley. Maybe that wild mongoose you just mounted just doesn’t look right, or you want to learn new taxidermy techniques, this scholarship will pay for any taxidermy related class you want- 100% paid in full. That’s right, you could get money to learn how to stuff a komodo dragon- if you wanted.

  1. Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest

Here ducky ducky, here ducky ducky. Are you a master of the art of duck calling? Are you still in high school? If you’re answer to both of these questions is yes, then you have an opportunity to use your skill in a contest for scholarship money! During the illustrious 41-year history of the Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest, more than $65,000 in scholarship funds have been awarded to young duck-callers around the country. In order to participate, you will have to travel to Stuttgart, Kansas- but hey, if you really have a passion for deceiving ducks, than it’s worth the mind-numbing drive.

As you can see, there are some arguably weird, and definatley unqiue, scholarship opportunities out there. While this article only briefly covered 4 of them, there are many, many, more scholarships out there that may fit your personal skills or passions. If grocery’s, clowns, taxidermy, or duck-calling, isn’t your thing- don’t fret! You can check out tons of more scholarship opportunities with the IDS Honor Society @ http://idshonorsociety.org/. Don’t give up your scholarship hunt, there is a foundation, institution, or community that has scholarship money waiting for you- guaranteed!

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