I. Name
II. Purpose
III. Membership
IV. National Officers
V. National Executive Committee
VI. Fee
VII. Amendments
VIII. Finances

Article I


The name of the society shall be International Distinguished Scholars.


Article II


The purpose of the Society shall be to recognize, promote, honor, and inspire academic excellence in all fields of secondary and higher education, as well as to develop an appreciation for scholarship and scholarly endeavors in others.


Article III


Section 1: Members

International Distinguished Scholars membership shall be open to men and women who are attending institutions of secondary or higher education worldwide. International Distinguished Scholars welcomes high school, undergraduate, graduate, professional, full-time and part-time students for membership as long as they possess the appropriate qualities that the Society strives to uphold.

Section 2: Requirements

All members of the Society possess the same thirst for success in all of their scholarly endeavors. This intellectual pursuit is exactly what the Society looks for when reviewing each application. Since testing procedures vary greatly across the country, academic achievement is not the sole factor upon which eligibility is decided.

In International Distinguished Scholars, each individual student is recognized for his/ her scholarly endeavors, academic records, honors, current GPA, civil service, leadership experiences, and accomplishments pertinent to the Society. These attributes are carefully evaluated at the time of selection in order to uphold the strict standards of International Distinguished Scholars.

Applicants shall:

  • Exemplify good character and honest morals
  • Be ranked within the top 15% of the institutions student body
  • Exhibit potential for leadership and service
  • Possess a strong sense of individual growth
  • Be involved in campus and community activities

Section 3: Alumni Members

Any member who has graduated from the academic institution that was on their application upon induction into the Society.

Section 4: Honorary Members

The Society may elect an honorary membership for students who have shown a genuine interest or aptitude in scholarship and whose membership shall be considered to be in the interest of the Society.

Section 5: Transfer Students

A transfer student must have attended the new institution for at least one semester.

Section 6: Foreign Students

Foreign students shall be eligible as long as they have attended schools within the United States of America.

Section 7: Discrimination

The Society strictly prohibits any sort of discrimination.

Section 8: Permanence of Membership

Once accepted into the Society, the inductee is a lifetime member…


Article IV


Section 1: Officers

The officers of the Society shall include the President, Vice-President and Executive Treasurer. The term of each office shall be limited to eight years, and officers may be eligible to succeed themselves for only eight additional years. Officers shall serve until their successors are elected and installed.

Section 2: Duties of Officers

The President shall:

  1. Be the chief executive officer of the Society;
  2. Be a member of the Executive Committee;
  3. Preside at all regular meetings;
  4. Appoint necessary committees for the operations of business;
  5. Supervise general operations of the Society.

The Vice-President shall:

  1. Act in the absence of the President;
  2. Be a member of the Executive Committee;
  3. Assist the President as directed to perform the business of the Society.

The Executive Treasurer shall:

  1. Maintain minutes of the Society and the Executive Committee;
  2. Be a member of the Executive Committee;
  3. Keep a record of all members and shall issue membership certificates;
  4. Be custodian of all funds of the Society, and pay all bills as approved by the President;
  5. Perform and assist in any and all duties as mandated by the President.


Article V

Executive Committee

Section 1:

The Committee shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Executive Treasurer, the Immediate Past President and two elected members.

Section 2:

The Committee shall meet annually and at any other time deemed necessary to conduct business of the Society.

Section 3:

The Committee shall have the power to amend and interpret the Bylaws.

Section 4:

The Committee shall perform such other duties in keeping with the provisions of the Bylaws as the Society or the President may mandate.

Section 5:

The Committee shall elect the Executive Treasurer for the term of two bienniums and provide adequate secretarial assistance.

Section 6:

The Committee shall perform any functions which fall within the scope of its activities which are not specifically delegated to any officer.

Section 7:

The Committee shall secure adequate space, and provide necessary equipment for conducting the duties of office.


Article VI


Section 1:

The induction fee for each new member shall be fixed by the Executive Treasurer.

Section 2:

The only fee due to the Society shall be the one lifetime membership fee.


Article VII


Section 1: Adoption

Bylaws may be proposed to the Executive Committee. Bylaws must be passed by a majority vote of the Officers. Once passed, amendments will be reviewed by the National Executive Committee.

Section 2: Suspension

Bylaws may be suspended by a majority vote by both the National Officers and the National Executive Committee.


Article VIII


Section 1: Depository

The funds of the Society shall be deposited by the Executive Treasurer in the name of the Society in a bank which is a member of the FDIC.

Section 2: Records

The Executive Treasurer shall maintain and keep all financial records pertinent to the Society.

Section 3: Bill Payment

The Executive Treasurer shall be responsible for the payment of all bills of the Society and any other bills as mandated by the President.

Section 4: Dues

The fees for membership to the Society shall be decided by the Executive Treasurer.

Section 5: Special Assessments

Special assessments may be levied by a majority vote of the National Executive Committee.

Section 6: Budget

The National Executive Committee shall approve the budget as prepared by the Executive Treasurer.


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