Who We Are

Formerly known as The National Honor & Merit Scholars Society (est. 2006), International Distinguished Scholars (IDS) is an academic honor society dedicated to recognizing, rewarding, and honoring students from all academic disciplines, open to high school, undergraduate, graduate, professional, full-time and part-time students, from around the world, as long as they possess the appropriate qualities that the Society strives to uphold. All of the constituent members have shown a responsible, sincere and zealous endeavor in both their academic and their recreational lives. The Society provides academic and career benefits, leadership and service experiences, access to discounts and savings, as well as scholarship opportunities.

The Society symbolizes the endless pursuit of knowledge and civil service. In order to cultivate a high order of personal living, high value is placed on scholarship, leadership, integrity, creativity, and respect. International Distinguished Scholars’ guiding principle is to honor over-achieving students who possess a strong sense of individual growth, not only through academics but engaged civic responsibility as well.

What does the crest symbolize?

Blue – Truth and loyalty
Gold – Generosity and elevation of the mind

Seigniorial authority; prestige

Perfection, light and life

Book and Torch
The open book symbolizes the endless pursuit of knowledge and the torch symbolizes the light of inspiration the Society bestows on its members.

Bravery, strength, ferocity, and valour

Scroll with Blue Ribbon
The scroll symbolizes scholarly achievement and the blue ribbon designates that it was done with utmost honor and respect.

Olive Branch
Peace and concordance

Esse Quam Videri
Latin; to be, rather than to seem. Rather than merely appearing as a bright part of America’s future, we believe students should actively pursue scholarship and civic responsibility in an effort to gain the wisdom and perspective that leads to success. Students should never quit in their pursuit of academic excellence, and Esse Quam Videri is the embodiment of that belief.

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